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"how're you going. quick question. how about using some of these cover art on a CD that may appear on a website down the track? is that outside of your permissions of use?"
Yes, you are free to use these photos for your CD art - personal or commercial.
"Hello ! Can we use your photos in a french magazine?"
Yes, you are free use these photos for your magazine.
"Dear Jim. My name is Suphat, a Thai pastor in Bangkok, Thailand. Once I had trouble to find good pictures for my personal use and for our church. Now I found your website, there is no such trouble anymore. Thank you for your excellcent website and hard working for others.

I have 2 pictures to contribute. 1. A Buddist temple in Northern Thailand. 2. My Christian seminary in Philippines. May God blesses you richly."
Thank you for the photos and blessings.
"Hello Jim! I am a studio artist/graphic designer. I have a question concerning the terms of use. Can I use the photos in artworks that will be sold?"
Yes, you are free use these photos in artworks that will be sold.
"Hey Jim. I have been thinking real hard recently on the idea of what your site exactly is. I can relate, being a designer, and needing photos from time to time, yet only to find them 'priced', and ridiculously. Simple, every day objects can be just what someone needs. I have tons of photos laying around, that someone can probably use right now. Also, I've been meaning to start taking my camera along with me everywhere, and capture those images that might be needed by others (or even myself) one day.

I just want to say 'Thanks'! I haven't picked up my old camera in a very long time, but you have given me incentive to put all my ideas in motion. Thank you for your site, and offering the separate portfolio page for contributors. I can't wait to get started! I'm so glad I found your site."
Glad to be of inspiration!
"Dear Madam/Sir. I appreciate services provided by your site. We have developed dictionary software which will show pictures with each word. For this commercially saleble product we would like to use royalty free images from your site. We will give proper credits to you on first page / photos / both as you wish, so people can come to your site and enjoy its services.

Am I legally allowed to use these pictures for above stated purpose? Anticipating your favourable reply"
Yes, you are free use these photos in your commercial software. We always appreciate the credit, but it is not required to use the photos.
"Hello Jim. I work in the marketing department of a small trading company in the Netherlands. For my designs of advertisements, I often need HQ and HR images of people and interiors. So, my first question would be if the images available on your site may be used for the purpose of adding atmosphere to our advertisements in nationally distributed magazines?

Another question is, if it would be a problem if I 'photoshopped' some images a little? Looking forward to your reply, with kindest regards."
Yes, you are free use these photos in your advertisements and you can Photoshop and alter them as much as you'd like.
"Hi Jim. I run a small video production company in the UK. We are really a small 'cooperative' of former BBC journalists and technicians whose aim is to bring the benefits of video productions to non-profit and voluntary organisations.

I'd really like to use some of your site's images to illustrate one of our webpages, as well as possible use in future video productions. Do these fall within your rights of use? I look forward to hearing from you."
Yes, you are free use these photos in both your website design and any video productions your company creates, non-profit or otherwise.
"Hi Jim. I have a paint shop pro group and this find is an awesome one. I love the beautiful and unique pictures on your site. I know you said they are free to use but who do I credit them to? Maybe, Perhaps © your name and url on your work? Do I add your link to my site so that my members may view them and use if them for their projects if they like? Please let me know your terms. I am looking forward to hearing from you."
You are not required to credit, display copyright or return a link to use the photos here. If you choose to do so, you can credit either the website or the specific photographer(s) responsible for the photo(s) you use.
"We are a service bureau in the south of Spain and would like to possibly use some photos from your data base, available in this web site to compose various bus stop posters advertising our printing services etc. For example...A photo for as a background image with the text "Place your add here". Would this be possible without having to pay copy rights? Thanks in advance."
Yes, you are free use these photos in your company's bus stop advertisements.
"Hi Jim. I just want to say that I was Just blown away by your site. I have made some Synth. Music, and posted it on To help me express just what I'm trying to say and feel, I have chosen four Photographs from your site to use along with my music. Should this not be fine, I will have them removed ASAP.

I would just like to say thank you, to yourself and the other photographers on your site, for being so kind and selfless in sharing your very cool photos."
Yes, you are free use these photos to accompany your music in all forms of media.
"Hi Jim! It's been a while since I've asked you about the possibility of using one of your work on a production. That day finally has come. Yesterday I've put online the ebook 'Amore', a collection of horror/thriller short tales, and one of your pics is the cover. So again, thanx a lot...saluti."
Great to hear! Email me a link to it if you have time.
If you are still unsure if it is okay to use a photo from here, email me.
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